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The Boss's Last Words

by R. Brunetti

  • Genre

    Documentary - Based on Antonio Mattone’s book ‘La Vendetta del Boss’ Published by Guida Editori (2021)

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  • Log-line

    Raffaele Cutolo’s unstoppable rise to power within the main penitentiary in Naples clashes with a deputy-director who does not bend to the privileges the Boss is used to. Giuseppe Salvia gets slapped in the face publicly by the Boss and is later shot to death on the Naples freeway. Salvia is soon forgotten by the Italian State, in urgent need of Camorra Boss Raffaele Cutolo’s favors. Many years later a Neapolitan journalist manages to meet the Boss, now old and sick, but finally open to unexpected admissions.

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    With the support of: the Campania Region and the Italian Ministry of Culture o and Fondazione Film Commission of the Campania Region.
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