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What Nourishes Me Destroys Me

by Ilaria de Laurentiis, Raffaele Brunetti

  • Length

    1X52’ + 1X70’

  • Log-line

    For the first time, a centre for the treatment of eating disorders has opened its doors to allow observation of psychotherapy sessions. We record stories of the tragic attempt to dominate one’s own body, stories of unease, disquiet, suffering and feelings of inadequacy, but also stories of hope. The film is shot entirely at the Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders in Rome.

  • In Coproduction with

    RAI 3 - DOC3
  • In Associazione con

    With the support of the Creative MEDIA Programme of the European Union.
    With the support of ASL ROMA
    Film recognised as of cultural interest by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
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  • Festival

    Festival dei Popoli di Firenze 2013 - Genova Film Festival, 2014 - Sguardi Altrove, Milano, 2014 - Globo d'Oro, Roma, 2014 (finalist) - Napoli Film Festival, 2014 - VideoMed, Badajoz, 2014 - Festival del Cinema Patologico, Roma, 2015. The following associations screened the documentary during 2014: Consult@noi, Associazione ELIOS, Mestrino (Padova), Associazione A.C.C.A (Carrara), Associazione Voci dell' Anima (Cagliari), Associazione ADAO Friuli Onlus, Associazione Mi nutro di vita, Associazione Volo oltre (Cesena), ASL di Taranto, PUNTOEACAPO ONLUS (Piacenza). The following associations and bodies screened the documentary during 2015: Associazione Conversando (Firenze), ALICE per i DCA (Padova), Associazione "Il Gesto Interiore" (Cagliari), Teatro Patologico, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza.


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