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White Gold Rush

by Alessandro Garramone, L. Brunetti

  • Genre

    Docu-series, Hunting reality

  • Length

    First season: 4X43'

  • Log-line

    White truffles are one of the world’s most prized culinary delicacies. But there’s a ruthless war going on in the background, waged by men and their dogs. For just three months a year,
    this war rocks the mountains of Alto Montefeltro in the northern Marche region in Italy. This is a personal war fought with cunning, passion and courage, and with no holds barred.

    This is the story of the toughest and fiercest truffle hunters that have ever trodden this rugged terrain, and the unscrupulous traders prepared to do anything to get their hands on the best truffles. These true “nuggets of gold” can weigh over 1kg each, with a value of over €10,000.

  • Produced for

    Discovery Italia
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