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Zero Waste

by Raffaele Brunetti

  • Length

    1X52’ + 1x58'

  • Log-line

    A tragicomic journey through the city I love, the city I had to leave. The world's most beautiful bay, the world's best seafood and the shadow of the surreal pyramids ofgarbage. A journey in the company of priests, mafiosi, activists, saints, magistrates, police officers, journalists, bartenders and two outstanding individuals: the Mayor of Naples and the American professor, guru of Zero Waste theory, who maintains that garbage can be reduced to zero not only in San Francisco but also in Naples.

  • In Coproduction with

    Bonanza Film, ZDF, ARTE, Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation.
  • In Associazione con

    SVT, CoBO Fund and with the support of the Creative MEDIA Programme of the European Union.
  • Production


  • Festival

    Napoli Film Festival, 2015 - Green Film festival, Seoul, 2015 - Ecofalante Environmental Film Fest, San Paolo, 2015 - CPH:DOX, Copenaghen, 2014 - Cinemambiente, Torino, 2014 - Clorofilla Film Festival, Ostuni, 2014 - FINCA Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental, Buenos Aires, 2014 – Festival del Diritto di Piacenza, 2015.
  • Premi

    International Competition Television Award, CinEco Festival International de Cinema Ambiental, Seia, 2014.


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