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What Nourishes Me Destroys Me

by Ilaria de Laurentiis, Raffaele Brunetti

For the first time, a centre for the treatment of eating disorders has opened its doors to allow observation of psychotherapy sessions. We record stories of the tragic attempt to dominate one’s own body, stories of unease, disquiet, suffering and feelings of inadequacy, but also stories of hope. The film is shot entirely at the Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders in Rome.

SMS - Save My Soul

by Piergiorgio Curzi

Nic’s Life revolves around exchanging romantic Text Messages with women he finds by trawling the job ads. This virtual world is his escape from his all too real paternal responsabilities, his way of saving his soul.

Le Coccinelle

by Emanuela Pirelli

The ancient art of Neapolitan transsexuals becomes a passionate docu-musical. Neomelodic songs, sex, first communions, christenings and weddings: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the magic world of Le Coccinelle!

Castaway Island

by L. Brunetti

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Lisbon and New York, lies the island of Flores. A place with a legendary past, whose history has been semi-forgotten. Today, however, by following the story told by Pierluigi Bragaglia, a writer and traveller, in his first summer on the island, we see this land's mysterious past emerge from obscurity. Its history is made up of pirates and shipwrecks, This is a journey which will take us to the very essence of the difference between good and evil, as on Flores misfortune has often turned into a blessing.

Mother India

by Raffaele Brunetti

Modern India from the point view of Indian women. The boom in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) provides a focal point for understanding the India of today as experienced by women of different castes and social backgrounds.


by Federica Di Giacomo

After waiting for years to be assigned social housing, people become prisoners in their homes for fear of losing the roof over their heads.

Hair India

by Marco Leopardi, Raffaele Brunetti

The journey of a young Indian woman’s hair, donated to the Temple to be then converted into exquisite hair extensions in Italy. This same hair will then return to India to satisfy the whim of a successful career woman in Bombay. A story of the cult of beauty in the era of globalisation.


by Raffaele Brunetti

This is the story of a T-shirt…about how it travelled from the north to the south of the world. It’s the inside-out story of a piece of used clothing’s 1st and 2nd life… and everything that happens in between.

War Secrets
Italy's Forgotten Invasion

by Marcello Adamo, Raffaele Brunetti

Seen for the first time, this footage from archives and underwater operations carried out by the US Navy narrates an unknown story from World War II, played out along the coasts of Salerno Province, recording the discovery of a revolutionary secret weapon.


White Gold Rush

by Alessandro Garramone, L. Brunetti

White truffles are one of the world’s most prized culinary delicacies. But there’s a ruthless war going on in the background, waged by men and their dogs. For just three months a year, this war rocks the mountains of Alto Montefeltro in the northern Marche region in Italy. This is a personal war fought with cunning, passion and courage, and with no holds barred. This is the story of the toughest and fiercest truffle hunters that have ever trodden this rugged terrain, and the unscrupulous traders prepared to do anything to get their hands on the best truffles. These true “nuggets of gold” can weigh over 1kg each, with a value of over €10,000.

My Crazy Italian Wedding

by L. Brunetti, Raffaele Brunetti

In an enchanted valley at the foot of the Volcano stands a fairy-tale place where time seems to have stood still. Is this a fable? No, it’s Don Antonio’s kingdom! We’re in the Province of Naples and here, for over 40 years, Don Antonio has been the Master of every ceremony. Couples from all around, or at least those couples who want to do things on a grand scale, dream about his Castle and how it will crown their visions of love. The Master is supported by his large family, led by his son-in-law Matteo and his wife Imma. With them is an army of chefs, waiters and pastry-makers under the command of the faithful maitre d’ Ferdinando who will take us through this series, more festive than ever.

Michela on Capri

by Piergiorgio Curzi, L. Brunetti

Michela Totàro is an energetic and likeable young woman with sun-bronzed skin and a single overwhelming passion: fishing. We will discover a different Capri with her, a Capri far removed from the glossy and luxurious image presented on the postcards, one where a lover of nature and fishing can still find a corner of true paradise.

Wild Africa

by Piergiorgio Curzi

A motorbike raid along tough tracks to area around the river Omo in Southern Ethiopia exploring the last uncontaminated part of Africa inhabited by primitive tribes and animals. 4 bikers will cover 4000 km in 20 days, mostly off the beaten track: dirt roads, fords, sandy and high mountain tracks.

Transiberiana 2007

by Raffaele Brunetti

Departing from Venice three bikers take a tough but thrilling riding along the mythical Trans-Siberian Railway route, riding into forests, taigas, desolated tundra, until Sakhalin island, the forehead to Japan coasts. Riders reach destination Hiroshima after 20.000 km with a message of peace and with a humanitarian aim involving the mayors of Venice, Chernobil and Hiroshima.

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